Our Approach

When you contact us to start the search for a specific profile, we will always do an intake at your premises. During this intake we evaluate whether the assignment fits within our domain of expertise. Different points are discussed here.

The introduction to your company. What are your activities, what is the structure of your company, what is your organizational culture, what is your market position, ...

Analysis of the to be hired profile and the job description, what type of personality are you looking for, what are the required technical competences, where is the position situated in your organisational structure, what salary and extra-legal benefits do you want to offer, ...

Drafting the recruitment procedure with regards to timing, distribution, identification of the targets, contact with the targets, ...

Explanation of the recruitment procedure. Applicants will go through a pre-screening by telephone and, if positive, a face 2 face interview with one of our consultants. You will receive the original CV from the candidate with a report about this face 2 face interview with one of our consultants. In this report we will elaborate on relevant experience, technical knowledge, language skills, salary expectations and motivation for your open position and company.

When you accept the applicant we arrange all the job interviews of our candidate with people in your company.

During the whole procedure, your recruitment consultant will contact you weekly so that you follow the progress of your assignment on a regular basis. The recruitment consultant informs you about the contacted candidates, the number of job interviews, the dates of the interviews, ...

Our fee is a percentage of the annual gross salary plus benefits of the recruited person and consists of 3 parts:

  • The start fee: to be paid when Compusearch accepts the search assignment
  • The interview fee: to be paid during the assignment
  • The success fee: to be paid after signing a contract with one of our candidates. This fee is minus the already paid sums of the start and interview fee.
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